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Week 1 Introduction (22 January)

What is Irish? Where do the Irish come from? Is English their original language?

Famous Irish celebrities, film stars, singers, language facts, Gaelic

Week 2 Landscape, FamousPlaces (29 January)

How does the Irish countryside look like? Which are the most important cities?

Places worth a visit: Connemara, Croagh Patrick, Kerry, Newgrange


Week 3 History (5 February)

The Celts, the English Invasion, North vs. the Republic

Week 4 Mythology (12 February)

Basic facts and structure of Irish mythology, basic characters

Movie: The Song of the Sea (contemporary Oscar-nominated Irish animation movie based on Irish myths)


Week 5 Typical Irish phrases and slang (19 February)

How do the Irish converse? Which are the phrases one needs to know to survive in Ireland?


Week 6 Controversial Issues (26 February)

Abortion, homelessness, alcoholism, drug problems


Week 7 Special course-closing movie night (4 March)

possible movies:  The Guard   and Calvary





 at Malin Head 2014

About Erzsi

After doing her MA at English Literature, she spent a year in Western-Ireland, Galway to learn the everday language used by the Irish, high-class English. She worked in a Community as a volunteer and was providing assistance to full time staff and clients at men’s time high support, providing service for men who have had a history of street drinking, drug misuse and mental health issues in Galway.

Authentic English communication: 


Conversational Course on Irish Culture
for level B2 and above

by Erzsi Dúcz


We recommend our course to anyone who is open and interested in learning  authentic English and English culture: history, literature, geography. All about Ireland.


Date: Friday mornings from 10.30 to 12 a.m. from 22 January 2016

Fee: 14.000 HUF per 7 occasions.

A free occasion is for BONUS card holders if registering for the course.

Group size: 10-15 people


The course is with 50 per cent discount for English teachers and native speakers of English!



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