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Vajna Smoje Glavaski | teacher's portrait

Why did you become a teacher?

The reason I became an English teacher is quite simple: I really liked the language and the American and British cultures and having spent a year in the US as a student, I decided to pursue English as a career. My studies were so enjoyable that I never regretted making that choice. Afterwards, when I was already an experienced teacher, I thought I could help other new or not so new teachers improve their teaching methods, so I decided to become a teacher trainer and thus reach many more students and help them learn this wonderful and most useful language.


What do you like best in teaching?

What I like best in teaching are two things: one is the relationships, the good ‘buzz' a teacher can create with their students and the little ‘class community’ built on those relationships; the other is the satisfying feeling of having helped someone learn something they really need in life. I love seeing my students grow, improve and slowly but surely master the language they can later use at work, in their studies, when travelling or for pure pleasure. 


We know you like cooking...

I like cooking and I do it practically every day, although sometimes I am bored with it and consider it a chore, just like anyone else. Since half of my family are now vegetarians and we are all trying to eat more healthily, I’ve adapt some of our favourite recipes. For example, I made some avocado brownies last week and they were amazing! You can find a full recipe here. However, instead of coconut flour I used a mixture of almond and wholemeal wheat flour, and I added some dark chocolate chips. My kids loved this cake and immediately asked if we could make it again soon!


What would you suggest our students?

To students of all levels, but particularly from the intermediate level above I truly recommend reading anything they like and watching films/the news/Youtube videos in English in their free time. That is absolutely necessary for the learners to reach higher levels of English, especially since TV and films are generally dubbed in Hungary. I’m sure everyone can find at least 5-10 minutes a day for a newspaper article or a short story or BBC news etc. If students make it a part of their daily ritual (e.g. every morning with their morning coffee), they are much more likely to succeed in mastering this great language!

A Szentendre English Centerben kiváló angoltanárok tanítanak, mind képzett, tapasztalt, jól felkészült szakemberek.

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