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  • Györgyi Patkó,  friend of the English Center

SWEDEN | Skansen or Skanzen? It's not a mistake!

Can you imagine a beautiful old village in a lovely tiny island in the middle of a European capital? This is the the world's first open-air museum in Stockholm, called Skansen. How familiar it is to us! We also have our own Skanzen in Szentendre and we are so proud of it.

Skansen in Sweden, founded in 1891, is the "mum" of the many "skanzens" in Hungary and around the world. Its amazing historical buildings, beautiful landscape, welcoming people dressed in period costumes give a real sense of the past. At the same time you feel like being in a zoo full of typical scandinavian and some exotic animals. And of course you can taste the best traditional food from the Swedesh cusisine. You will find a workshop in every house: a pottery, an engraver’s workshop, a shoemaker’s shop or a bakery. And what's more you can even see them in operation. There are English-speaking interspreters who tell you the story and answer all your questions.

Hopefully you feel like visiting Skansen after having read my story.

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