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  • Viktor Bera, student

MALTA | Summer in Malta

I was in Malta in June of 2014 and it was awesome! If you visit Malta, on weekdays you go to school, which is cool, not like usual schools in here :) It's just a few lessons and it's very loose and straight, you don't even realise that you're learning anything, but trust me, you are! After school you can go with the group like to the beach etc., but it's not obligatory because if you get a permission from your parents, you can go wherever you want to, even under 18 :)

And in the evenings there is always some kind of party, which I can't say how awesome is! For example there was a place with foam cannons (I hadn't known there's such thing) and another on the top of a building. It was a pool party on a skyscraper...damn, that was cool! I was also on a FREE Enrique Iglesias concert with Nicole Scherzinger and Hardwell! People are very friendly, and there is a gigantic amount of hot girls there...I didn't pay much attention to boys :) I recommend this trip to everyone, my english got a lot better so I took Cambridge CAE exam after it.

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