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  • Alexandra Paál, friend of the English Center

SCOTLAND | Student life in Glasgow

I started to study Psychology at the University of Glasgow last September. This year was a great experience to me as university life in Glasgow is really lively. There are more universities, colleges in the city with more than 40 000 students. The schools are also very multicultural, they have students from 120 different countries. Students can join different societies at the universities that all deal with an own, specific subject (e.g. theatre, dance, cooking, sports, debating, etc.) where they can find new hobbies and meet a lot of people. If students don’t find what they are the most interested in among the list of approximately 200 clubs, they can even start their own society.

Members take part in interesting events that are organised by the group leaders regularly, thus building great communities. The city is also full of amazing pubs and clubs that offer great opportunities for those who want to enjoy night life. So student life in Glasgow is indeed very exciting.

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