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  • Adrian Carmichael

Travelling around the U.K.

As an English man, I have travelled extensively throughout the British Isles. Here is a whistle stop tour. Places of note obviously start with the Capitol. When visiting London, you will no doubt head for Tower Bridge, London Tower and the Crown Jewels etc. But do make time to go on a Thames cruise. It is much better that the 'Big Red Bus', and equally as good as the one here in Budapest.

Moving north to my home area of The Lake District, you will find spectacular scenery of mountains, valleys and of course lakes that is a legacy of the Ice Age. There are 13 recognised major lakes in The Lake District, but interestingly only Bassenthwaite Lake has the word 'lake' as part of its name, all the others are meres or waters. Going yet further north lies the country of Scotland, the home of the best whisky in the world. Edinburgh is a major attraction, not just because of its Castle (there are 5000 castles in Scotland), but also The Royal Yacht Britannia is berthed there, and is open to tourists, since Queen Elizabeth II stopped using it as her own private ocean-going ship. It sailed over 1 million miles during its 40 years of service.

Inverness is worthy of a stop over as you can take a cruise on Loch Ness. You never know you might be yet another person to have seen the world-famous monster! If you have the time, continue even further north to the Shetland and Orkney Isles. It feels like you are entering a long past and forgotten world where life is serene, peaceful and trouble free. Heading south west you come to the 'Emerald Isle'. In Belfast don’t be put off by the graphic murals; just think of them as depicting a troubled past that is now behind us. You’ll no doubt want to visit the Harland and Wolf Ship Yard where the doomed Titanic was built. The Irish are famous for their leprechauns, mischievous green fairies who must be real because there is a museum devoted to them in Dublin. Even if you don’t like the black nectar you will also visit the Guinness Brewery; everyone does. I’ve been to hundreds of other places that are worthy of note. You could spend a whole year in The British Isles and still discover new and interesting places.

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